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You can't be his woman if you're too busy playing the role of his groupie


I was up thinking last night about the power struggles men and women have in relationships. If you didn’t know there was such a thing as a power struggle in relationships, well now u know and trust me there is always a power struggle.
I came up to the conclusion that as women, we don’t fight for…


Husband’s voice calms his wife who has #Alzheimer’s so he recorded a message for a Build-a-Bear. This way she can hear his voice any time.Now that’s #TrueLove


To all the boy, guys, men and whatever you call yourselves as long as you have the d!! Read this!! lol



i just want to meet someone who thinks i’m worth taking to a nice dinner and treating me like a lady and compliments me and means it and actually thinks that i’m more than my looks and doesn’t expect me to hook up with them right away.

why is that so impossible?


More Romance

More Romance

I want someone who’s mature, I can trust, who is kind hearted, who I can talk to about anything, who I can enjoy talking to and will treat me with a massive amount of respect. Is that too much to ask for?

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